Titolo: Graceful Caos
Quando: 12.10.2018 - 14.10.2018
Dove: Cascina Martelli - reano
Categoria: Workshop
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*** max 30 partecipanti *** Registration Opening in September

The dance I would like to imagine and touch on, is a place of comfort, pleasure and acceptance.

It’s a secret unfolding each moment, governed by reflex, intuition and sensations, with as little intervention possible.

A major inspiration for this way of moving in the world, is the behavior of water. Free of form, to create any form, to cross and intertwine with everything, to remain unharmed but fully involved.

I intend to bring a mixture of physical practices and tools, with a wish to inspire more and more fluidity with less and less effort.

Objects have been an ungoing tool in my research, and so are images and hands on exploration of body parts and their relationships.

Contact will be a main framework for the practice, though not the only one.

Material is suitable for all levels.

..have a look here https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=LqExqmiGQXg&t=21s

Yaniv Mintzer is a dancer and teacher of CI in the past decade, as well as a trained musician and composer.
Teaching CI for professional dancers, academies and dancer trainings, as well as non-professionals.
Traveling to teach regularly in Europe, in festivals and workshops.
Making original music for dance and improvisation.
A practitioner of the Ilan Lev Method (ilanlev.org)



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