Titolo: Dance in the city Ljubljana - performing Contact Improvisation
Quando: 25.06.2018 - 30.06.2018
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Categoria: Performance / Festival
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“Dance in the city” is a Contact Improvisation festival that is going to happen in Ljubljana during the International Summer Dance School in the summer 2018. 
The event is organized in collaboration and with the support of JKSD (public funds of the Republic of Slovenia for cultural activities).
Every day there is possibility to attend two CI classes, a research lab and an evening jam. The research lab is addressed to experienced contact impro dancers and the last day is scheduled a city performance as outcome of the lab.
The classes will be leaded by a pool of 5 international Contact Improvisation teachers.
- Elements of Contact Improvisation -
Trough our imagery, somatic descriptions, playfulness and touch we will discover the taste of this dance form.
We will explore fluid movement, rolling, sliding, entering and going out of the floor, flying, moving in contact with oneself and others and improvise together.
For all levels: beginners are welcome
Mon-Fri: 10.30 - 12.00
- Performing Contact Improvisation -
We will explore the performative aspect of Contact Improvisation, presence, connection with the partner, ecosystem dynamics and relations in and with the space, with and without music.
Working on our state of attentiveness and imagination, we will play with composition tools, images and performative forms to improve our reflexes and our ability to deal with the flow of the things that happens in the environment during the improvisation.
For participants of the classes it is strongly suggested to also join the evening jams.
For dancers that have already some experience with Contact Improvisation.
Mon-Fri: 17.30 - 19.00
Every evening are planned open contact improvisation jams for everybody that is willing to participate.
You can support the jams with a free donation.
Mon-Fri: 21.15 - 23.30
For the teachers and for the experienced dancers that are willing to participate it’s scheduled a research lab and an urban site specific performance in Ljubljana city center on Friday late afternoon.
The aim of the site specific performance is to investigate the relation between city architecture and dance as a part of the same continuum. Looking to buildings as emotionally and personally significant places for individuals, determined as much by the events that go on in them, as by the demarcation of their walls.
Mon-Fri: 14.30-17.00
Performance: Friday 19.00 pm (sunset on 29 June is at 20:55)
If you want to apply to the research lab and performance:
- take part at the "Performing CI" classes.
- please fill this form: https://goo.gl/forms/Kofl1MkBCL7BRsTg1
The classes are part of the Summer Dance School 2018 program. 
1 class/day (5 days x 90 min) 60,00 EUR (before May 25) 80,00 EUR (after May 25)
2 class/day (5 days x 90 min) 108,00 EUR (before May 25) 144,00 EUR (after May 25)
Summer Dance School full program: http://www.jskd.si/ples/izobrazevanje/sezona_2017_18/poletna_plesna_18/urnik_poletna_plesna_18.pdf
Summer Dance School Fees: http://www.jskd.si/ples/izobrazevanje/sezona_2017_18/poletna_plesna_18/sds_18_fees.htm
For accommodation in the immediate vicinity of dance studios and with SDS discount you have to apply here until 25 May 2018. After this date you have to arrange the accommodation by yourself. 
Davide Casiraghi (ITA-SLO)
Davide Casiraghi is a dancer, Contact Improvisation teacher and Yoga Alliance certified teacher based in Slovenia. He is exploring Contact Improvisation since 2010. His study is started in Milan and continue in Europe with the many teachers. Roberto Lun, Nita Little, Martin Keogh, Angela Dony, Nancy Stark Smith are his main influences. He see CI as a way to re-awake and enjoy fully our sensitivity and playfulness, working on trust, explore curiosity about movement principles out of daily movement patterns. 
Nayeli Špela Peterlin (SLO)
Spela Peterlin - Nayeli is Psychologist, Facilitator, dancer, founder of Društvo MOAVE - Psychology in Movement. Her main focus inside contact improvisation practice is is exploring subtle elements and psychological aspects that enhance connection, sensitivity, openness and awareness. 
She is also facilitator of workshops and trainings on the topic of self expression and self awareness through movement. In her workshops she is using different techniques that support openness and self- reflection, body awareness, awareness of sensitivity and emotions. Most of her experience comes from professional group sport practice, that now integrates in her knowledge of group dynamic work. As passionate movement researcher and contact improvisation dancer, she is constantly exploring and reflecting apon the relation between dance and life.
She is also organizer of different events holding place in Slovenia and abroad that support vision of the organization and connect people with similar interests. For more info about her work and the organization check: www.moave.si
Nuria Urcelay Martinez (ESP)
Nuria is an independent and multidisciplinary artist.
She is fascinated by human behavior, attention, creativity, consciousness and biomechanics; she tirelessly explores improvisation, investigating Body-Mind relation and how it influences when interacting with oneself, others, time, space and movement.
She has been trained by movement practitioners in Spain, London and Italy. Some of them with a significant influence in her practice are Cristiane Boullosa, Bruno Caverna, Robert Poyton, Katie Duck and Jess Curtis.
Contact Improvisation is her main area of training, she also investigates and Russian Systema, Gaga and Improvisation.
Other practices she has explored are Butoh, Flying Low and Acrobatics.
Dave Murray-Rust (SCO) and Teresa Hunyadi (AUS)
Teresa is a sculptor and Dave a researcher and lecturer at Edinburgh University. They have been dancing and exploring Contact Improvisation for more than 10 years. 
Based in Scotland they are an integral part of the Edinburgh CI community were they are engaged in an ongoing learning experience through the fundamentals of Contact Improvisation.
Apart from CI they also share a love for Argentinian Tango, exploring the outdoors, making music and being still. 
Teresa’s most influential teachers were Alicia Grayson and Martin Keogh (CI), Claire Filmon (Instant Composition) and Martin Maldonado & Maurizio Ghella (Tango). Dave’s most influential teachers were Nancy Stark Smith, Ralph Jaroschinski and Merav Israel (CI).

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/791501144392963/