Titolo: NO RUSH workshop con Alex Guex e Linda Bufali
Quando: 16.03.2018 - 18.03.2018
Dove: Cascina Martelli - reano
Categoria: Workshop
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Basic workshop March 16-18th in Reano (TO)
***Advanced workshop on June in Anghiari (AR)***

After the wonderful experience 2017 , Linda and Alex are very excited to developp the material of „no rush“ , and offer you to get deeper and futher in these questions : How time and space are related in CI? How to recycle and regenerate energy during the dance? Where do I spoil energy ? how could I breath better and stay more quiet even in a dance very commited? How to feel slow when everything get speed? How to support the place of rest inside the action?
What about changing our expectation to dance better? What about exploring how to feel better? How to dance longer? Older? With more confort , care, and efficiency?
English or italian speaker, practicing regularly CI, you are very welcome to dive with us in this research of a „mature dance“ together .

***the Advanced workshop on June in Anghiari (AR) will be for people who have attempt to Biandronno ws on december 2017, or Reano march workshop, or for advanced CI teacher ***

MAX 30 participants

PRICE 100 euro (40 euro deposit before march 5) all included ( food and sleeping).

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>Friday: class and jam 20h- 23h
>Saturday : class 10h-13h / 15h-18h / jam 20h-23h
>Sunday March 18th : class 10h-13h / 14h30-17h

Alex Guex BIO
In 2010, after many years of climbing and as a social worker, I met Body-Mind Centering® and Contact Improvisation. Two paths as one. Embodying my life's questions deeply changed the way of experiencing myself and the world around. Meeting my body as a source of guidance and awareness, more and more sensitive to the physical flavor of life, I travel without any doubts in 2011 to USA , for a movement -therapist training with Anna Halprin (Life-art process®) . As i came back from the states, my first step in teaching CI were done. 2012, still no doubts ... I hit the road to teach, dance, and share my own research about somatics principles and contact improvisation. Five years later, this roaming throughout Europe is still going on, offering residential workshops, combining Contact Impro and BMC®. On the way, I've taught in some renowned festivals (1001 grenoble, Freiburg festival, italy camp).
During all these years, I trained intensively with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Urs Stauffer, inspiring and regenerating my practice through them. In addition to my somatic educator training (Body-Mind Centering®, 2013 -2018), I worked several years in nursery, with a deep interest for the early stages of movement development . From 2017, I created and lead my own training in France, the C.I.F.S, deepening , in a one year programm , somatic principles through/with contact improvisation.

Linda Bufali BIO
While I was trying to study acting, in 1998, l bumped into…and against this “weird dance”.
After few years I realized I was still there, sweating, falling, laughing and feeling. So I decided to go deeper into it, entering the phantasmagorical world of workshops and festivals, bumping into and against strange teachers who helped me sweating, falling , laughing and feeling even better.
I’d give anything to forget all that so to start again, off for the journey again! But it's not possible!
Since 2008, I have been teaching in Italy (intensive workshops in many communities and Italy Contact Festival '15), abroad (intensive workshop in Madrid, Lleida, Alcoi, Colon, Basque Country, Amsterdam, Israeli Contact Festival '16, Dancefullnes Ukraine '16) and I have been organising events to help Contact Improvisation spread as much as possible (I am an organizer of the Italy CI Camp).
It's a bit as make the journey from the start, knowing the path but taking a different luggage with you; and always hoping to bump into/against something interesting.
I see contact dance as the best way I have in this lifetime to meet someone outside the social contract and to keep my drive for movement alive.
Life is movement, moving in pairs accelerates awareness.
I deeply believe that contact improvisation is potentially, a big, healthy revolution.


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